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We create the stories that reach and activate your audience

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Take advantage of four decades of experience

I'm an award-winning former journalist and PR executive ready to put my skills to work for you or your organization. Are you looking for an expert to:


  • Build your narrative, develop your messaging, and create your story?

  • Create compelling strategic content that makes a genuine connection with your key audiences?

  • Build brand awareness or establish a position on a public policy issue through a brand journalism or social media program?

  • Provide counsel and content for a crisis — or just plan for the inevitable?


Morcopy Communications does all that and more, across a wide range of industries including technology (B2B or B2C), healthcare, biotech/pharma, financial services, philanthropic investing and clean energy.

What Can We Do For You?

Our services


Narratives and Messaging

Your story starts with a coherent narrative and messaging. We work with you and your team to build the "core story" about you, your organization and why your mission matters. This narrative serves as the foundation for strategic plans and content development.

Brand Journalism

The news story format is a powerful vehicle to add to your website to tell customers about your company, products, ideas and issues. We use our years of newsroom experience to create brand journalism stories that your customers want to read and drive media interest.

Op-Eds/Contributed Articles

When you need to express your viewpoint with a clear call to action, Morcopy Communications knows how to create compelling opinion pieces and bylined stories for submission to print or online publications and news sites.

Social Media Content

When your executives speak via social media, they reach customers, influencers and the media. We create strategic plans for social media engagement and develop the content you need to build reputation and engage the conversation.

Executive Communications

Thought leadership is a goal for executives at every organization. We work directly with leaders to distill their ideas and vision into narratives, speeches, presentations and contributed materials. We also train executives to deliver speeches and presentations with power and effectiveness, and to also interact successfully with the media — even the toughest reporters.

Crisis Counsel and Planning

No business wants a crisis — but every business must be prepared to deal with the scrutiny that comes with one. We have years of experience working with companies to handle issues that have the potential to damage reputations. We can jump right into an ongoing crisis, or help you plan ahead — all while working cooperatively with your communications, legal, financial and other key teams.

Let's Build and Tell Your Story!

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